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About Us. 

Mines Roofing and Construction is a small family owned and operated local business primarily focused on residential roofing. We are dedicated to offering the best quality of work at the best price possible. We look forward to building trust and long lasting relationships with our clients. Meeting all your needs at an affordable price is very important to us.

Our Vision.


Our vision at Mines Roofing and Construction is to provide excellence in all our work leaving the customer satisfied 100%. Trust and comfort in knowing the top quality work was provided is a goal we aim for with every client. Whether our jobs are big or small we always bring professionalism and great attitudes with high energy to the job. The goal is to create a safe and detail attentive work environment.


Too many service companies out there today want to get top dollar for the job but provide half the labor and quality that it's truly worth. At Mines Roofing we offer great prices for even greater quality work. We're tired of seeing people frustrated that they just spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars for something that ends up failing them only a couple years down the road. We are dedicated to be as fair and reasonable as we can within the circumstances of the job.

Company Profile.


Mines Roofing and Construction is primarily focused on residential roofing, providing long lasting shelter to our CO communities around the Park County area. We have over 20 years of experience in roofing and have extensive knowledge in metal, custom metal, shingles, flat membrane roofing (PVC, TPO and EPDM) and skylights. We also provide an array of other services such as siding, small construction projects (upon special requests) and camper re-roofing.


With multiple years experience in a range of roofing and construction projects we can provide extensive professional opinions and ensure solidity in all our work. We care about the fine details as much as the grand scheme and overall look of the project. We take pride in our work every single day and make sure that it shows in our finished products.

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