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Our Services. 

Residential Roofs
Roof Repairs/Maintenances.

Metal // Architechtural Shingles // Single Ply (PVC, TPO and EPDM) // New Roofs // Re-Roofs // Storm Damage // Roof Repairs // Roof Maintenances

Residential roofing has all types of materials and various types of projects involved. We can accommodate for any of your residential roofing needs may it be a new roof, small repair or major re-roof projects, we have what it takes. We strive to offer the fairest prices for labor and materials available at the highest quality possible.


Let us know how we can help you with your residential roofing project by clicking on the link below.

Custom Metal Fabrications
Skylights and Detail.

Skylight Installment // Skylight Replacement // Counter Flashings (Chimneys and Skylights) // Fascia and Soffits // Crickets // Custom Metal Fabrications 

With extensive knowledge in metal detail, we have also refined our skills with metal fabrication. Our own in-house metal break has allowed us to cut costs on some of the more expensive custom metal fabrication projects which then we can pass those savings along to our customers. 

Roofing comes with a lot of small details and sometimes you need someone who has expertise in those details. We have extensive knowledge in skylight replacements and installments. We pride ourselves in the fine detail work we do with counter flashings, fascia and soffits.


If you are in need of custom metal fabrication work on your home or if you would like more information about having your next skylight or roofing detail project completed by our experts, please click the link below.

Snow Retention
Snow Removal Contracts.

Snow Retention Installment // Snow Retention Repair // Roof Snow Removal Contracts Available


Being located in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains comes with many months of heavy snowfall. We install ​snow retention of all kinds on all roof systems to help mitigate the snow loads and dramatically reduce the risks associated with rooftop avalanches. We also offer roof snow removal contracts. Putting your address on our snow removal routes ensures your roof is being maintained properly throughout the snowy months. 


Please click the link below to contact us about your snow retention or snow removal needs.

Camper Roofs and Special Projects.

Camper Re-roofs // Hand Welding Detail // Small Construction Projects // Sheds // Chicken Coops // Work Benches

​Mines Roofing is also available for some small projects as well. We can apply fully adhered single-ply membrane roofing material with aerodynamic waterproofing techniques to your camper so it is as good as new. We can seal the edges and pipes by hand welding seams to securely reinforce everything. We also have built chicken coops, lean-tos, sheds and other outdoor structures that you may need help with.


Click on the link below to inquire about a special project that we might be able to assist you with.

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